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We have been passed the baton of discussion about a thriving young man in the Nigerian music industry called Ayanfe. The Ekiti state born rising star whose appellation depicts 'The Chosen One' is without doubts on the ordained path of several exploits and grand slam success. His sojourn through different states of the country for his preliminary education after birth in Kwara state led him to attain the tertiary level at the Osun State University where he took a break after 2 years to channel all efforts in his music career.

The parochial inference for taking a break from the university is usually themed a shift or total loss of focus but Ayanfe proved the norm outrightly wrong. He immersed himself in creating quality content with all the resources available for him at the time and never held back a minute in putting it out. His self-sustainability can categorically be deemed responsible for his new experience in the music pool today.

We are not far-fetched from how Ayanfe practically bought the attention of the public with his viral musical clip titled 'Morenikeji' which accrued over 100,000 views in a blink on Instagram. You see what we are talking about?

This widely accepted act amongst other contents including freestyle clips and cover of Davido's hit track 'Risky' earned Ayanfe the green pass into more exploits as stated earlier.

In a nutshell, he got signed into the double branded record label, Davido Music Worldwide/Obama Music Worldwide. A gang family already consisting of the industry's finest, Mayorkun, Dremo, Yonda, Peruzzi, Lil Frosh (AMW).

He seconded this move with a debut single which had so much our expectations anchored. 'Pretend' as produced by Vstix is performing the best a track can especially during this period of the pandemic.

In the same era, Ayanfe slid in his second single with subtle warning, titled 'African Vibe.' Now he has everyone on fastened belts for what is to come.

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